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Ten reasons why your business needs a website – right now

In today’s digital age, every business needs a website. Whether you deal strictly with local customers, provide a regional service, or mail products nationwide, an online presence is essential.

In a recent survey, more than two-thirds of companies interviewed advised that their website was important for promoting their business and generating leads. Those same respondents were asked to consider the future of their company in light of the coronavirus lockdown. More than 85% believed that their website would be important for generating leads and promoting their business, with over half of those surveyed believing it would be very important.

Why is having your own website so important in 2021?

Here are ten reasons why a website is essential for your digital success:

1. Shop window

Think of your website as a place to display your wares – a virtual shop front, if you will. Whether you use the site for direct sales or as an information hub from which customers contact you, it is a way to put your best foot forward. Like an impressive shop window display, a well-crafted website is a way to grab a new customer’s attention.

2. Easy sales

If you set up an e-commerce website, customers can buy direct from your online store within minutes. Most online purchases are impulsive by nature. Digital shoppers leap from searching, to clicking, to purchasing in quick succession. Maximise the chance of that valued web traffic coming your way with an appealing website.

3. Easy info

Maybe your product or service doesn’t lend itself to instant sales. That’s okay – a website is still an important tool for lead generation. In the same way that online purchases are made on impulse, choosing specific services often involve meticulous research. Prospective customers are likely to scour your website to learn as much about you and your service as they can before committing.

4. The digital world can find you

We live in a digital age. One of the effects of the recent lockdown has been people searching for products and services online. Having a website creates an anchor for your business – a single hub from which you can update your customers. It is also the place to which your social media activity will ultimately lead.

5. Validation

Like it or not, one of the key considerations for setting up your website is a simple fact that every other company has one. Having an attractive and reliable online presence validates your own business. Many consumers will choose to check out a company online before purchasing from them and the lack of a website can be a red flag for many.

6. A name you can trust

A website is the perfect place to put up a portfolio of your past work or testimonials from existing customers. This allows new clients to prove to themselves that you have the skills and experience necessary to deliver what they need.

7. Keeping ahead of the competition

Consider the average internet user – someone who would benefit from your product, but who has never heard of your company. If they search online for a service you provide, they might come across your name. However, with no website to back it up, they are likely to go with a rival company.

8. Trust

When you set up a website, you are representing your brand. Any information posted there comes directly from you. It’s not industry gossip or half-formed rumours – it is the official stance of your company. With carefully constructed content, you engender trust in your visitors that you know what you’re talking about. This often converts to leads and ultimately purchases.

9. Confidence

A well-made website inspires confidence. Quality content gets shared across social media by people with similar interests – people who are likely to be your target audience. This results in more web traffic, more people linking to your site, and an improve Google search ranking.

10. It’s a strand of your marketing

To survive as a business you need to diversify your marketing streams. Whether you use Google Ads, Instagram stories, Facebook pages, or print marketing, your website will play a key part. It is the heart of your brand and an effective marketing tool in its own right.

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