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Unsure about anything in our Web Design & SEO Plans – the answers below …


To put it simply – We will build you a fully responsive website and we then specialise in getting your business found on the 1st Page of Google for what you do in the areas you cover and keep you there … guaranteed!

Just having a website doesn’t mean you rank on Google. Having a website and ranking on Google are two separate pieces of work and a large number of web designers do not undertake work to rank your website on Google. Also depending on how long ago your website was built there is a strong possibility that it may not conform to current best practice.

We do every single aspect of your web design as well as all the necessary SEO work to get you and keep you ranking on the 1st Page of Google. Basically we do everything for you.


When you sign up we will process your deposit payment by debit card or you can make a Faster Transfer and then a payment plan will be set-up for monthly direct debit. We will start work on your website and SEO project once you have paid your desposit and we have set-up your monthly payment plan.

If you pay in full at point of sale you will receive an additional 10% discount. Payments can be made by debit card or Faster Transfer.


Typically these will be related to the main services you offer, we will discuss these with you and undertake some research to find the most relevant search phrases that a potential customer will type into Google to find your business. In addition we will identify secondary keywords that customers may also search for you under. 
Five Main Keywords
Builders | New Builds | Property Refurbishments | Property Renovations | Extensions |
Secondary Keywords
Brickwork | Carpentry | Groundwork | Landscaping| Roofing |

Depending on your package you will choose up to four local areas, again we will discuss these with you and agree on the best areas to promote your business.
This excludes county and city locations and we will add these areas into your copy at no additional charge.
Main Local Areas
Bromley | Beckenham | Chislehurst | Biggin Hill |
Secondary Areas
Kent | London | South East |

SEO is the term used to describe the work and process that we go through to get your business ranking in the natural listings on the 1st Page of Google. This where the vast majority of potential customers searching for what you do in the areas you cover will look. If a potential customer was to type in Builders in Bromley, New Builds in Beckenham etc - it is our job to get your website to appear on the 1st page of Google when someone types in those search terms.

This outlines the process that we go through to get your website ranking on the 1st Page of Google. Typically we should achieve your Google Guarantee of 60% of your keywords / areas ranking 20 weeks from when your website goes live.

It will typically take 20 weeks to get your keywords ranking on the 1st page of Google from when your website goes live and achieve our Google Guarantee. Each keyword / area combination will rank at a different speed dependent on a number of different factors.

Getting your website ranking on the 1st page of Google is only part of the job, once we have achieved this we continue to work to get your main and secondary keywords ranking. Also there is a considerable amount of ongoing work that we do to maintain and improve your rankings, as I am sure you can imagine there are lots of other businesses trying to take your positions on the 1st page of Google, so we need to work hard to prevent this happening.

We have tracking software which shows us real time how well your website is ranking for all your keyword and area combinations – in the first two months your rankings will fluctuate significantly and are very volatile, so we usually wait until your website has been live for 8 weeks before we send through and discuss your rankings report and then we will have monthly calls to review your progress. Obviously at any time you can type your keyword / area combinations into Google to see how well you are ranking.

We will be in regular contact to discuss how well your website is ranking and if there are any particular challenges we are facing. In the unlikely event that we don’t achieve your Guarantee in the agreed timescale, we will outline the additional schedule of work that we will undertake and extend your contract by a further three months and review your rankings on a month by month basis.

Google accounts for over 80% of all searches, with Yahoo! and Bing accounting for most of the rest. We undertake the work to rank your website across all of the major search engines.


No not at all, our customers websites are built in WordPress and designed and created by experienced UK based WordPress Developers. Each website is tailored to each individual customers brand and what makes them unique, we will provide examples of existing websites to help you choose which design is right for you or alternatively if you have seen other websites that you like let us know and our developers will  use that as a guide.

There is no cost in your plan towards building your website. We do this because we are confident that you will be with us as a client for many years, we believe that if … the full cost of your plan is attributed to getting your website ranking on the 1st Page of Google for what you do in the areas you cover.

  • We design & create a website that you love
  • We take care of EVERYTHING for you
  • Your website looks great on laptop, desktop, tablet and mobile
  • Your website ranks on the 1st Page of Google for what you do in the areas you cover
  • You have unlimited updates to your website – no charge
  • Excellent Value for Money
  • Dedicated UK based Account Director & Client Success Manager

Then you will stay with us for many years – why would you want to leave, you have probably been looking for a company like us for a long time!

Your Client Success Manager will spend time discussing your website design and layout before we start work, so that we have a really good idea of what you are looking for. As part of our process we will create your Home Page first to ensure that you are happy with the design before we start work on the rest of the site. We will amend your Home Page design until you are happy and once you have signed off we will then start work on the full site and the same process applies, we will make as many amends as necessary until you are happy for the website to go live.

Nothing, we will make unlimited changes and updates to your website at no additional cost. This is typically photos of new projects that you want added to the site. This unlimited updates applies to your existing website, so depending on what is required there may be a charge for anything additional or extra i.e. extra pages or addition functionality that you want added to the site.

As part of your package you can have up to 7 pages – this will typically be as follows.
1.                    Home Page
2 - 4.              Services x 3 Pages
5.                    Areas We Cover
6.                    Gallery
7.                    Contact Us

Yes your website is fully responsive so no matter what brand of mobile or tablet a potential customer is searching for you from your website will look great. This is really important as more than 50% of your potential customers will start their search for you from a mobile device.

Our Website Warranty specifies our assurance to you as our valued customer plus our obligations as your website service provider, this includes …

  • Managing and updating your WordPress themes and plug-ins
  • Fixing any issues that may arise with your website
  • Managing the impact of any Google Algorithm changes
  • Making changes and amends as requested 

Our Web Developer will create a logo at no additional charge, but if this is not suitable they you will need to engage the services of an independent Design Agency.

No, our team of expert SEO Copywriters will create all of your copy from scratch. We will just need to speak with you so that we understand all of the specifics and unique selling points about your business, typically you will have a website so we will discuss the copy on here and use this as a guide if correct.

The copy is created to help focus on the main services and areas that you wish to appear on the 1st page of Google for, as well a giving a full overview of what you do. So in certain instances we may suggest that you do not change certain parts of your copy as this will negatively affect your rankings on Google.


Totally up to you, we will put no pressure on you to decide – it is your decision whenever you think it is right to come on board. We will only work with one specific business type in each town.

We will exclusively work with one company who does what you do who is based in the same town as you. This is purely on a first come first serve basis, once we have taken one business on board in a certain area then we will work exclusively with them. 

In addition to your Digital Account Manager you will have a Client Success Manager that will work with you, these two individuals will be your main points of contact.
Both will be in regular contact through phone calls, email and text to advise initially on the progress on the creation and design of your website, and then how your website is starting to rank on Google as well as requesting if you have changes and updates to your site.

Typically as with over 95% of our customers, you will renew your contract with us each year. There is typically a small increase in price each year. Remember you are only paying for the costs to get your business ranking on the 1st Page of Google, we cover all the initial and ongoing costs of creating, designing, updating and managing your website.
If you decide not to renew your contract we will transfer your website files and domain to your new company – there is an administration fee to undertake this work.

Advance Online will host your website at no additional charge. Alternatively if necessary we can purchase a new domain for you. Should you decide to move your website away, your website files will only be transferred if your account is up-to-date.

All client contracts are 12 months.

The unique aspects of the Platinum Plan are as follows …        

  • 4 Areas (each area increases the visibility of your website across a wider territory)
  • Best Value – 25% less per area compared to Silver Package
  • Spread the amount over 10 instalments
  • 1 Professional Email Address i.e. john@abcbuilders.co.uk as opposed john1981@yahoo.co.uk

You will speak to one of our Digital Account Managers and they will discuss your requirements for a larger plan.

Once you have paid your final instalment in your first year with us then you will own your standard website files, for the time that we continue to work together we will host, update and manage your website at no additional charge.

You will be in regular contact with both your Digital Account Manager and Client Success Manager and if you want to add additional areas that is fine, they will advise on the costs per additional area.

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