Your Google Business Website is Being Shut Down: What to do

Until now, Google has offered single-page websites powered by the information in a company’s Google Business Profile. 

From March 2024, Google will take these websites offline

Any companies whose broader digital presence relies solely on its Google-Business-generated website will have to seek other means of creating and hosting a website – or go without.

So, if you have a Google Business website, what should you do? Read on to find out more.

What are Google Business Websites?

Google Business websites are single-page websites generated from the information entered into a company’s Google Business Profile.

All contact information, as well as images, descriptions and reviews, are pulled through to the webpage automatically. Changes to a Google Business Profile are automatically reflected on the website.

The URL, typically ending ‘’, is displayed in the Google Business Profile website field and can be used more widely in directory entries and advertising.

These simple websites have allowed businesses to achieve a marginally broader online presence without having to invest in web design or hosting.

google business website example

Which Websites are Affected?

Google is shutting down all sites generated by a Google Business Profile.

That means websites with the suffix ‘’ or ‘’.

You might have purchased a custom domain in order to forward traffic from a more appealing URL to your Google Business website. The underlying Google Business website will be affected in the same way. Eventually your custom domain will forward to a discontinued site.

Aside from the website field, from which the URL will be automatically removed, Google Business Profiles won’t be affected.

When is Google Shutting Down business.sites?

google business website shut down timings

From March 2024, Google will turn off the websites and temporarily redirect the URL to the company’s Google Business page. 

On June 10 2024, Google will remove the redirect – that means users who visit the URL will receive a 404 error.

What are the Consequences of Google Business Shutting Down My Website?

The consequences of Google Business shutting down your website are twofold…

First, your website will no longer appear in search results. Any SEO gains you made will be lost.

Second, users who visit the URL will receive a 404 error. If you’ve included the website in directories or on advertising collateral, such as business cards, prospective customers will be met with an error. 

What are the Options for Cancelled Google Business Websites?

There are three options for companies who previously had Google Business websites.

google business website options

1. Go Without a Website

go without a website The first option is to go without a website. 

While an optimised Google Business Profile with lots of positive reviews can attract leads, the text and imagery are limited compared to a free-form website. Forgoing a website severely reduces the amount of information you can provide to customers regarding your unique offerings.

Your business will also no longer appear in the search results. It will be limited to the maps pack, which reduces the number of potential interactions with prospective customers. Any SEO gains you made will be lost.

Last but by no means least, you’ll find yourself in the minority of local businesses who don’t have a website. Some customers might find this off-putting.

2. Create a New Site with a Website Builder

create a new website with a website builder The cheapest way to replace your is to create a new website using a website builder, such as Wix or Squarespace.

Much like your old Google Business website, these website builders offer simple templates that display your company information and service offerings. 

You’ll have to foot the bill for the website builder, as well as any additional domain and hosting costs. You’ll also have to build and maintain the website yourself, eating into your precious personal or business time.

While on the face of it, such websites can look passable, if you’re only performing a straight swap for your, it will be short, simple and unlikely to feature high up in the search results.

3. Commission a Website and Take Advantage of SEO

commission a website Your online presence has been disrupted, so you need to adjust, reset or abandon your digital strategy. But instead of lamenting your old Google Business website and the challenges you now face, why not see this as an opportunity to forge a new path?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the practice of building and optimising a website in order to appear at the top of the organic search results, thereby attracting traffic. When done correctly, SEO is a fantastic lead-generation strategy.

To take advantage of SEO, your company needs a comprehensive website offering useful content in a targeted manner and underpinned by a solid technical setup. 

The abbreviated nature of Google Business websites makes them unable to compete with content-laden search competitors. Similarly, website builders have technical limitations, while it takes time and effort to build and optimise enough content for effective SEO.

Instead of going it alone, you could consider working with web design and SEO professionals, such as a digital marketing agency, to create and optimise an entirely new website. 

The benefits of this approach include:

    • A more attractive and comprehensive website representing your business
    • Solid technical foundations, such as loading speed and mobile usability
    • A tailored SEO strategy that targets the right keywords in the right way
    • Ongoing support and maintenance – you won’t have to worry about domains and hosting

With a strong website and effective SEO, it won’t be long before your company appears at the top of the search results, generating new leads, business and revenue.

Other Considerations for Google Business Websites

Paid Ads for Google Business Websites

If you’re running paid ads linking to your Google Business website, you need to update the ads to link to a different website before March 1st – this will ensure the ads keep running.

Custom Domains Redirected to Google Business Websites

custom domain redirect to

You may have forwarded a more shareable ‘custom domain’ to your Google Business website. From March, this domain will forward to your Google Business profile, and from June, will result in a 404 error. 

If you want to keep this custom domain operational, you need to forward it to a new website. You can do this via your hosting company.

Google Business Shutting Down its Websites: Final Thoughts

If you’re facing the closure of your Google-Business-generated website, you will have to act quickly to maintain your broader digital presence.

Advance Online has years of experience building and optimising websites for local businesses. We create bespoke, appealing web designs and develop custom SEO strategies to get your company to the top of Google. The result? Increased traffic, leads and revenue.

If you have any further questions about the closure of your Google Business website or would like to enquire about our services, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We would love to hear from you.

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