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At Advance Online, we offer marketing services to help grow your business through an extensive range of communication channels. We work closely with clients to help them develop a deeper understanding of their target market and the best course of action to reach them.  

As a digital marketing consultancy based in Surrey, we work with clients across the UK to tailor our unique strategies to their services.

Digital Strategy

An essential part of any marketing and communications campaign, a digital strategy provides a clear direction when it comes to what steps to take.

Our digital strategy involves setting goals and outlining the methods of achieving them through our extensive range of marketing and communication services. Alongside these plans, we also reach an agreement on how we measure the success of your campaign.

Our process



As a digital marketing strategy usually involves several different services, there is typically no right answer as to which is the best. However, there are several factors which need considering, including the services you offer and your target market.

Without a digital strategy, your business could be missing out on potentially thousands of potential leads. An effective digital strategy will provide several benefits, including improving ROI and keeping your business ahead of the competition.

A fully SEO optimised website stands a much higher chance of ranking on the first page of a search engine than one that isn’t – and as 75% of online searches click a result on the first page, it is essential for reaching potential customers. 

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