The Best SEO Keywords for Garage Door Companies

When it comes to SEO, garage door companies face stiff competition. Local and national companies are all vying to compete for the precious top spots in every local area. Appearing on the front page isn’t easy.

But before you get embroiled in on-page optimisation, backlink building, and blogging, it’s important to set the right foundations. Selecting the best keywords for your garage door company’s website is the first step towards success.

At Advance Online, we count ourselves lucky to work with a number of successful garage door companies. We’ve employed a range of SEO strategies, big and small, and we know what works.

In this article, we share how to select the best keywords for your garage door company.

How to Select the Best Keywords for Your Garage Door Company

Before delving into the data, you should first compile a list of keywords that apply to your business. This list can be as long as it needs to be; you can always refine it later.

When we’re working with our customers to establish a long list of potential keywords, we typically ask the following questions.

  • What type of services do you offer? The common services we come across are: garage door installation, garage door repairs, garage door spares/spare parts
  • What type of garage doors do you offer? These could include: roller shutter, sectional, up-and-over, side-hinged, saterial specific (steel, wood, aluminium, etc.)
  • Do you offer any specific garage door brands, such as Hormann or Garador?
  • Do you offer any additional services? It’s often the case that garage doors come hand-in-hand with other external doors. These could include: front doors, security doors or shuttering

At this stage, it’s also worth considering your keyword preference based on the prominence of that service or product in your business offerings. For example, do you primarily install electric garage doors? 

What are the Best Keywords for Garage Door Companies?

best keywords for garage doors

Below, we have listed various garage door keywords alongside their search volumes and SEO difficulties (sourced via Ubersuggest and correct at the time of publication).

By combining this data with the list of services or products you offer, you can understand which keywords represent the best opportunity for your business.

At the risk of stating the obvious, the data shown here is not location specific (i.e. the keywords do not have location modifiers). Search volumes and SEO difficulties specific to your target areas can be found using keyword research tools.

Garage Door Keyword Data

KeywordSearch VolumeSEO Difficulty
front doors74,00042
garage doors40,50035
garage door repairs9,90032
electric garage doors8,10032
hormann garage doors5,40035
wooden garage doors5,40032
up and over garage doors4,40032
side-hinged garage doors3,60045
security doors3,60026
sectional garage doors2,90029
roller shutter garage doors2,40030
garador garage doors1,60031
garage door installation1,60034
automatic garage doors1,30032
composite entrance doors1,30037
cardale garage doors1,00034
security shuttering88048
automated garage doors59031
garage door spares59030
steel garage doors48030
garage door spring repairs48014
garage door opener repairs2608
aluminium garage doors21041
steel entrance doors14027
garage door spare parts9031
garage door specialists9020
garage door cable repairs7041
around the corner garage doors7024
sectional roller garage doors2034

For more information on how to use this data to decide your keywords, refer to our blog post, How to Select the Best Keywords for a Local Business.

How Many Keywords Should You Target for a Garage Door Company?

Whether you’re carrying out the SEO yourself or hiring someone else to do it for you, every additional keyword comes at a cost of time, money or both. 

In our experience, a moderately sized local garage door company should target around five main service keywords (with associated variant keywords). Depending on the size of the business, that could rise to 10-15 main keywords or be as small as two.

Bearing that in mind, we recommend the following keyword mixes:

  • Lower Budget: A small website (two service keywords) targeting, for example, garage doors (installation), garage door repairs
  • Medium Budget: A medium-sized website (five service keywords) targeting, for example, garage doors (installation), garage door repairs, 3 x garage door types (e.g. roller shutter, automatic, etc.)
  • Higher Budget: A large website (10 service keywords) targeting, for example, garage doors, garage door repairs, 5 x garage door types, 1-2 garage door brands and/or 2-3 supplementary services

Best Garage Door Keywords: Final Thoughts

Selecting the right keywords for your garage door website is the first step to SEO success.

By combining the right balance of garage door services and garage door types, along with mentions of your service area, you can attract traffic to your website and garner new business leads.

Advance Online is a digital marketing agency with years of experience devising and implementing SEO strategies for garage door companies. If you have any further questions, or would like to comment on the keywords we have listed here, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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