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Despite the advances in digital services, traditional phone calls are still one of the best ways to convert customers to your products or services. However, the data from these calls, such as customer journey and call duration, often go neglected – even though they provide vital information. 

As a leading telecoms service provider based in Surrey, we develop and run call tracking campaigns to provide a detailed insight into your digital strategy and audience actions.

Call Tracking

Call tracking is an essential tool for understanding which marketing channels callers pass through to reach your business. The data collected from call tracking activities can help build a better understanding of the marketing channels that are most successful in creating leads for your business. 

Multi-Channel Call Attribution

We work with the latest technology to measure the value of your leads and establish their effectiveness. Our software measures calls, texts and forms to link them to the relevant channel from which the lead started – allowing us to see which campaigns are working and which are not performing as they should.


Call tracking works through a unique phone being implemented across each marketing channel or campaign to track all activity associated with it. This unique number can then provide informative data, including where calls to a business originate and their volume. 

As call tracking measures the volume of calls each marketing channel is responsible for, it offers a clear insight into which areas of a campaign are most successful at creating new leads. This data ensures that attention and budget can be focused on those channels that are achieving a strong ROI. 

Most call tracking data can be found within the call tracking software or easily implemented into whichever platform you currently use, such as Google Analytics or Salesforce.

Call tracking works with the majority of CRM systems to allow for real-time reporting and analysis of campaigns with ease.

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