Is SEO Worth it for Local Businesses?

SEO is a vital tool for large companies and corporations competing for those much-coveted top positions in search engine results pages. However, for smaller businesses looking to compete, standing out amongst the crowd is often incredibly difficult and typically requires a more considered approach for success.

One such route is to focus on locality, an option that typically leads to better results due to its specificness. Focusing on local SEO also ensures that those trying to find your services online are doing so from a location you offer them.

So, still asking the question, is SEO worth it for local businesses? Below, we cover several standout benefits to prove why focusing on locality can often be the key to success.

What are the Benefits of SEO for Local Businesses?

SEO’s core benefits should make it an integral part of every company’s digital marketing strategy. So, when it comes to SEO for local businesses, what type of advantages can they enjoy with an effective campaign?

Increased Leads

increased leads Targeting potential customers based in the local area will obviously be a much more successful approach than casting a wide net and focusing on everyone regardless of their relevance to your location. 

For example, searches that include ‘near me‘ are almost always performed by those looking for a service in their local area. So, creating a connection with a location through local SEO ensures you appear as a more relevant option, and thus, a much more improved chance of capturing the searcher as a customer.

Boosts Credibility

seo boosts credibility for local businesses Appearing towards the top of a results page is often a clear signal of credibility from a search engine. While this higher position often translates to an increased level of trust amongst potential customers.

Having well-implemented SEO, which considers locality, ensures you give your business website the best chance for competing for those positions towards the top of the results page for relevant area-focused searches.

Measurable Success

results One of the great things about SEO, as well as digital marketing in general, is the ability to measure its success. Google Analytics, as well as other analytics tools, allow for SEO strategies to be carefully monitored with metrics, such as ROI, conversions and time on site, to ensure a detailed insight into a campaign.

Never Stops (Always Online)

24/7 Online visibility within a local area ensures a business is always available at a time a potential customer requires their services. This 24/7, round-the-clock promotion ensures a company will always be visible to a customer, rather than catching them at the right time, such as with a leaflet through their letterbox.

Relatively Low Cost Compared to Other Marketing Options

low cost Compared to many other forms of marketing, local SEO can often be relatively cheap – depending on the keywords – and achieve the same, if not better, results.

When measured against other local marketing methods, such as leafleting, the ROI is often much higher, as local SEO is more effective at reaching customers at the right time.

Does SEO Work for Local Businesses?

SEO allows for the targeting of specific locations, such as the local town or county. This means a business can reach customers in their catchment and service areas, which generates meaningful leads.

So, does SEO work for local businesses?

simply put, yes, SEO is worth it for local businesses

When implemented right, SEO can build a strong digital presence, which improves visibility and builds trust. While competing in a specific location where the level of competition is perhaps not as fierce can allow local businesses that fully implement SEO to thrive.

Is SEO Worth it for Small Businesses: Final Thoughts

Boasting a wealth of benefits and relatively affordable, SEO is certainly worth it for local businesses big or small looking to attract customers within their area.

Here at Advance Online, we are a full service digital marketing agency working with businesses to support them grow their online presence. Our services cover everything from SEO and PPC to web design and social media, supported by our unique tracking technology to provide complete visibility over performance. 

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