What are the Best Keywords for Plumbers?

SEO can be a vital tool in the armoury of any business looking to build their digital presence. However, competing for those much-coveted top spots on Google’s search engine results pages is far from easy.

So, before you start writing blogs or backlink building, you should begin with the basic building blocks of SEO, and choosing which keywords to target is often the first step in the process. 

At Advance Online, we support a number of plumbing businesses to achieve their targets and grow through expertly developed tailored SEO strategies that meet their needs.

In our article, we highlight how to select the best keywords for plumbers to help their businesses with SEO and building a digital presence. 

How to Choose the Best Keywords for Your Plumbing Business

The first step when it comes to keywords is to create a list of all relevant options for your business. To help better understand our customers, we work closely with them to develop a long list of potential keywords by asking several questions, including:

  • Consider what services you offer. The most common we come across are:
    • Plumbing
    • Boiler installations and repair
    • Bathroom installations
    • Blocked drains
  • Do you offer any modified or additional services, such as emergency or same-day?
  • Do you offer specific brands, such as Vaillant, Mermaid or iflo?
  • Think about your customers’ search intent – what are your most common enquiries for? And what other enquiries would you like?
  • Research keyword research tools, such as Google Keyword PlannerMoz or Ahrefs, to better understand keyword volume and difficulty
  • Also, consider how broad the location you cover is. If you are based in a small area, you likely have less competition and can tackle broader, more difficult keywords

The 21 Best Keywords for Plumbers

best keywords for plumbers

Interested in learning what the current best keywords for plumbers are? Below, we have listed the 21 best keywords for plumbers alongside their search volumes and SEO difficulties (acquired via Ubersuggest and correct at the time of publication). 

When comparing keyword data alongside the services or products you offer, you can start to develop an understanding of which keywords will work best for your business.

The data shown here is not location-specific (i.e. the keywords do not have location modifiers). Keyword research tools can help better understand search volumes and SEO difficulties relevant to your target areas. 

Plumber Keyword Data

Keyword Search Volume SEO Difficulty
plumber 49,500 50
gas safety register 49,500 52
boiler servicing 22,200 52
emergency plumber 18,100 39
gas safety certificate 12,100 45
gas engineer 9,900 46
blocked drains 8,100 49
boiler repairs 6,600 49
boiler installation 5,400 48
washing machine installation 2,900 59
cctv drain survey 2,400 32
power flushing 2,400 50
bathroom installation 2,400 47
plumbing services 1,900 27
blocked sink 1,900 47
kitchen installation 1,300 48
dishwasher installation 1,300 51
bathroom repairs 1,300 30
drain jetting 1,000 25
boiler maintenance 880 54
blocked toilets 480 57

For more information on how to use this data to select the best keywords and for those next vital steps, refer to our blog post, SEO Keywords for a Local Business.

How Many Keywords Should You Target on a Plumber’s Website?

It’s no great secret that SEO costs time or money (or both). One of the main cost drivers is the number of keywords you target: the more keywords you target, the more it costs. Fitting all of them into your budget from the get-go might be difficult.

In our experience, a moderately sized local plumbing business should target around five main service keywords plus associated variant keywords. Depending on the size of the business, that could rise to 10 main keywords or be as small as one or two.

With this in mind, we recommend the following keyword mixes:

  • Lower Budget: A small website (two main service keywords) targeting, for example, plumbers and emergency plumbers
  • Medium Budget: A medium-sized website (five main service keywords) targeting, for example, plumbers, emergency plumbers, boiler installation and repairs, blocked drains, and bathroom fittings
  • Higher Budget: A large website (10 service keywords) targeting, for example, targeting for example plumbers, emergency plumbers, boiler installation, boiler repairs, blocked drains, gas safety certificates, central heating and any other specialist services

Best Plumbing Keywords: Final Thoughts

When it comes to making a success of SEO for your plumbing business, choosing the best keywords for plumbers should be one of the first steps you take. Combining several keywords ensures your best chance of success in attracting traffic to your website and developing new business leads. 

At Advance Online, our specialist team boasts extensive experience developing and implementing digital marketing and SEO strategies tailored to our customers. If you have any further questions about keywords or would like to learn more about our services, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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