The Best SEO Keywords for Car Garages

The competition for the top spots on Google is particularly fierce for car garages. National chains, local rivals, global directories – it doesn’t matter who is occupying the top spots, they fill up quickly.

With this in mind, it’s important to get your SEO fundamentals right. That means selecting and targeting the best SEO keywords for your business.

Advance Online has worked with many car garages over the years and has implemented SEO strategies for a range of budgets and businesses. In this article, we share our expertise and explain how to select the best keywords for your car garage website.

How to Select the Best Keywords for Your Car Garage

The first step is to establish which services you offer. We typically ask our customers the following questions:

  • What type of services do you offer? In broad terms, this might include: car repair, mobile car repair, MOT testing, car/van refitting, tuning/remapping/diagnostics
  • Are there any specific repairs you specialise in? We typically see the following: tyres and tyre replacement, brakes, clutches, windscreens, engine replacement, suspensions, exhausts, gear boxes, timing belts, bodywork (spraying and dent removal)
  • Do you work on a specific class or type of vehicle? Such as, luxury car, vans or caravans. classic cars, electric cars
  • Are there any specific makes or models you work with?
  • Do you offer any additional services, such as selling spare parts or car hire?

By answering these questions, you can begin to understand what is and isn’t relevant to your business. You can also start to order your offerings in terms of preference by determining which services you offer most frequently. 

This process will help you to understand which services or products should be considered for targeting on your website.

What are the Best Keywords for Car Garages?

best keywords for car garages

Below is a table displaying the search volumes and SEO difficulties of various car garage keywords (sourced from Ubersuggest, correct at the time of publication).

Note: The data is not modified for an area. Data specific to your target area should be researched using keyword research tools.

Car Garage Keyword Data

Keyword Search Volume SEO Difficulty
Car garage 33,100 42
Windscreen repairs 18,100 41
MOT testing 14,800 62
Car remapping 12,100 35
BMW specialists 6,600 27
Tyre replacement 4,400 42
Bodywork repairs 4,400 38
Car tuning 3,600 41
Car diagnostics 3,600 38
Volkswagen specialists 2,400 22
Audi specialists 2,400 21
Exhaust replacement 1,000 45
Ford specialists 880 19
BMW repairs 880 43
Van repairs 720 32
Volkswagen repairs 590 45
Ford repairs 590 48
Audi repairs 590 44
Electric car repairs 480 40
Brake repairs 390 41
Classic car repairs 320 20
Gearbox replacement 260 28
Suspension repairs 110 38
Car repairs 50 51
Luxury car repairs 10 15

For more information on how to use this data to decide your keywords, refer to our blog post, How to Select the Best Keywords for a Local Business.

How Many Keywords Should You Target for a Car Garage?

The more keywords you target, the more time and money it costs. It may be difficult to spare the budget to target everything right from the get-go.

In our experience, a moderately sized local car garage should target around five main service keywords (with associated variant keywords). That could rise to 10 main keywords or be as small as one or two, depending on your budget and the offerings of your garage.

With this in mind, we recommend the following service keyword mixes:

  • Lowest Budgets: A small general website (one to three service keywords): car garage, car repairs/MOT testing
  • Lower Budgets: A small specialised website (one to three service keywords): car garage, 2 x specialities (e.g. remapping and retuning)
  • Medium Budgets: A moderately sized website (five service keywords): car garage, car repairs, MOT testing, 2 x specialist repairs or services (for repairs, we recommend brakes, tyre replacements or clutches)
  • Higher Budgets: A large website (10 service keywords): car garage, car repairs, MOT testing, 5-6 x specialist repairs or services, 1-2 x specialist car makes (if appropriate)

Best Car Garage Keywords: Final Thoughts

Keyword selection is a bespoke exercise. Every car garage offers a different range of services and specialities. By combining the specifics of your business with keyword data, you can select the right keywords for your car garage and take an important first step on your journey to the top of Google.

Advance Online is a digital marketing agency based in Surrey with years of experience implementing SEO strategies for local car garages. If you have any further questions, or would like to comment on our article, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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